Select Works

Noble Metal
The Bluest Blue (Pulitzer Arts Foundation, 2017)

Bottletree (International Anthem Recording Co. 2017)

Side Effex of Make-Believe:divided for love’s sake (Fresh Selects, 2015)
Jungle Mumbo Jumbo (Plug Research, 2013)
GodMustBeABoogieMan (Ju Ju Dust Music/Fresh Selects 2011)
The Wander / Balancing Act (Record Breakin, 2010)
The Adventures of Seymour Liberty (Ju Ju Dust Music, 2008)

Hawthorne Headhunters
Everyone Wants to be Alive (single/digital, 2015)
Myriad of Now (Plug Research, 2012)

Platinum Pied Pipers (PPP)
Abundance (Ubiquity Records, 2009)